We have been leading the way in on-site organic waste solutions in the US. A landfill is a short-term solution that contaminates; it comes at a price both to organizations’ bottom line and to the environment. We believe the most sustainable and cost-effective way to deal with organic wastes is on-site. That is why we provide a range of market-leading products, which not only reduce your waste and turn it into something useful but save you money too. Our primary focus is to divert organic waste from landfills, providing many on-site food waste solutions.  That not only treat waste by turning it into useful products but also save money in the process and provide environmental benefits.

Food Waste Experts provides consulting services implementing cutting edge sustainable solutions to universities, colleges, schools, hotels, nursing homes, corporate cafeterias, hospitals, supermarkets, and prisons, among other organizations. As consultants, our main focus is to help our clients understand the facts, the consequences, and the solutions to treat food waste. We advise our clients on implementing solutions that will help reach their environmental and corporate social responsibility targets, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and provide environmental stewardship with clients, suppliers, and communities served. Our solutions will help drive sustainability values throughout your organization.

Our expert consultants will solve your operation’s food waste problems.  Implement our on-site solutions and save money while helping to divert food waste from landfills, and therefore reducing the levels of greenhouse gas emissions.  We understand each site is different, with its nuances and challenges. Thus for each site’s needs, we select the ideal solution that is customized.

We believe that companies that follow the triple bottom line contribute more by maximizing ecological, economic, and social values for stakeholders and shareholders. 


Each company is unique - a sustainable solution for every site. We understand that each site is different, with its nuances and challenges; therefore, we select the ideal solution for each site’s needs. One-solution-fits-all sites do not work. Our clients face many restrictions such as limited space, no green areas, only one feedstock, too much of one feedstock, etc.

Over the years, we have developed expertise in using only the best-in-class cutting edge sustainable solutions in our product portfolio. Our unique, sustainable solutions will have a significant impact on any business’ bottom line.  The need for green initiatives and the pressure from stakeholders pushing for sustainable practices has become a focal point for our clients.


Matthew Nespole, Head of Rippowam Cisqua School, was pleased to place the first bucket of food waste into the Rocket® composter. Mr. Nespole stated, “Our school is committed to sustainability, to both decrease our carbon footprint as well as to teach our students how to be responsible citizens of the world.” 
 -- Rippowam Cisqua School, Bedford NY

"What sealed it for me,” said Goldsmith, Director of energy and environmental conservation at St. John University, “was that it passed U.K. health safety standards for food composting. This is critical since we want our students to be able to handle the food compost. In choosing the Rocket, we balanced technology, cost effectiveness, simplicity of operation and safety.” 
-- St.Johns University, Queens NY

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We understand that each site is different, with its own nuances and challenges therefore we select the ideal solution that is customized to each site’s needs.



  • Food waste prevention
  • Outlets for food before becoming food waste ; partnerships with culinary programs,  restaurants and others.
  • Outlets for food before becoming food waste with food banks.
  • Onsite food waste solutions
  • Vegetable gardens



Our management has the global technical, financial, industry expertise, engineering, operational and legislative capabilities  to source and close new projects in a most efficient manner.