The Dragon food waste to energy biomass process, takes food waste and creates a valuable resource, biomass fuel. The system comprises of  Gobi Dryers and a specially designed biomass energy plant. The dried food fuels the plant which generates heat and hot water (or steam / thermal oil). This is connected to one or more of your heat or hot water demands, the production of your own hot water reduces the amount you need to spend on fossil fuel supply, gas or electric for heating your water.

The Gobi dryer is used to dry and powder the food wastes, once dried the now stable and almost odourless material can be stored, or transported for immediate use to the Dragon Biomass system. The powdered food wastes which are extremely high in calorific value are loaded into the hopper and the automated feed process looks after the feeding of the biomass system. The Dragon package is sized to the volume of food waste and your heat demand. The Dragon Biomass package is sited between your incoming cold water supply and your existing gas / electric hot water heaters, by previously heating the incoming cold water the running costs for your existing  gas, oil or electrically powered heating is vastly reduced or eliminated. The Dragon has been designed to run either solely on dried food wastes or on wood pellet / chip and dried food waste for those sites that need a greater amount of heating than the amount of food waste generated.

The Dragon food waste to energy biomass process