The Ridan is a manual in-vessel composter with continues feeding.  As food waste is introduced at one end and the handle is rotated, oxygen aerates the mass heating up while traveling through the Ridan.  During three composting stages, different microorganisms digest food waste and woodchips, transforming into compost before automatically emerging from the outlet at the other end.

The mix is easy to achieved, you simply need half 'brown' material like woodchip and half 'green' food waste, so if you put in one bucket of food waste you must also add one bucket of woodchip, it's that simple!

Daily operation summary.
1.- Remove the Ridan’s inlet.
2.- Introduce your food waste into the Ridan. Make sure to cut large pieces to help the microorganisms digest much easier and to avoid excessive fluids.
3.- Add the same volume of woodchip, sawdust or wood shavings.
4.- Place a bucket under the outlet.
5.- Turn the handle at least six full turns or until the Ridan is less than three quarters full.
6.- Put back the Ridan’s inlet.
7.- Empty the compost from the bucket into a maturation bin.
8.- Once the maturation bin is full, wait for 2-3 months before you start using the stable compost.Type your paragraph here.

Large Ridan


Medium Ridan


Ridan composter video 



Maturation bins
The compost that emerges from a Ridan composter will have completed the hot thermophilic stage of composting but in order to become a good growing medium it must be matured for 2-3 months before use.

The walls of the 240 gallon compost bin are made of Thermolen® which offers outstanding insulation. Heat retention is important to the composting process, and this UV stable material provides the ultimate in thermal insulating. The compost bin is easy to assemble without tools using the Easy-Lock assembly system. The two large, hinged access panels make it easy to use. This compost bin features an optimized ventilation system for maintaining the ideal temperature. 


Size                                                        40" x 40" x 40"

Volume                                                  240 gallons

Large Ridan composter                      Needs 3 maturation bins

Medium Ridan composter                  Needs 2 maturation bins