A900 Rocket composter

The Rocket® is an in-vessel composter for on-site treatment of organic wastes. These wastes can be food waste, meat and fish, garden and horticultural. The Rocket® composter provides a clean and simple solution that allows food waste to be treated after its disposal, within a reasonably small area with minimal operator interaction. In 14 days, the Rocket® composter transform the food waste into compost, which can be used for lawns and other green areas, thus closing the loop of recycling.  It is a continuous process; once you closed the 14 days loop you get compost every day!  

The Rocket® eliminates the need for transportation of organic wastes from Universities, Hotels, Government Facilities, Corporate Cafeterias, Prisons and Nursing Homes, among other users. The Rocket® is very simple to run, requiring approximately 15-20 minutes of labor per day. The cost of operation is only wood chips (bulking agent) and minimal electrical power. The Rocket® technology allows for a continuous in-vessel process in a cost effective way, saving time and effort, while producing high quality compost. The end product is compost, its a finish product which only needs to be cure in the open air where there is no need to aerate during this curing process. 

In other units when discharging from an in-vessel or a drum in 3-5 days, the composting process needs to be finish. The material needs to be put in windrows and turn to aerate during 21 - 40 days. Oxygen and moisture levels need to be monitored carefully to avoid odors and to make sure that the compost is working. After the composting process is finished, the compost should be cured for an additional 21 days or more. During this stabilization period, the material will still need to be turn and aerated.

Rocket A500


​Weekly capacity: 80 gallons food Scraps + 80 of wood chips 
​Foot print: 8.2 L x 2.3 W x 4.3 H
​Power costs per week: 12 kWh
​Weight: 400 lb ( empty)

Rocket A700


​Capacity: 180  gallons food Scraps + 180 of wood chips 
​Foot print: 9.9 L x 3 W x 4.6 H
​Power costs per week: 26 kWh
​Weight: 660 lb ( empty)

Rocket A900


​Capacity: 460 gallons food Scraps + 460 of wood chips 
​Foot print: 13.1 L x 3.3 W x 5.3 H
​Power costs per week: 30 kWh
​Weight: 1,100 lb ( empty)

Rocket A1200


​Capacity: 925 gallons food Scraps + 925 of wood chips 

​Foot print: 23.7 L x 5.0 W x 6.0 H

​Power costs per week: 32 kWh

​Weight: 8,820 lb ( empty)

Rocket B1400


Capacity: 1.1 metric tons per day (Food Scraps)

Options: Air injection, biofiltration, odor management, pre-shredder, loading hopper, conveying systems for stockpiling, end product screening

Rocket B2500


​Capacity: 5 metric tons per day (Food Scraps)

Carbon source:   +/- 30% 
​Foot print: 33 L x 13 W x By design H
​Power costs per week: 43kwh per day with air handling

Options: Air injection, biofiltration, odor management, pre-shredder, loading hopper, conveying systems for stockpiling, end product screening



The comptainer has been designed as a “plug and play” food waste recycling solution. The unit is delivered to your door for you to simply plug in the utility services and get recycling. The Rocket Comptainer systems are available to treat volumes from 1-5 tonnes per week, housing the Dehydra Food Waste dewatering unit and a singular Rocket Composter. The unit is equipped with heating & lighting, hot water heater and ventilation but can be designed to your specification.


Comp - trainer

The unit is ideal for remote and transit locations, oil and gas pipeline installations, luxury island hotels or military deployments. The system can complement mobile & portable kitchen deployments or containerised kitchens, as the last step for the site in dealing with food residues and scraps. The systems can be designed by our in house team to your unique specification & waste volume.

A900 Rocket composter at Dundee & Angus College composting food waste and compostable cutlery and plates

Video - Rocket composter at Wayne Highlands School District